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    The first bed and breakfast school in Sicily ...

    If you want to open a B & B, if you want to increase the income of your property, or improve performance and network with our projects, fill out the form below, you will be contacted as soon as possible to set up a meeting with our consultants and specialists platform in tourism marketing.

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    The bed and breakfast has allowed and allows, even for those with reduced economic means, to travel or travel longer. In addition, more and more people experience during the journey the need to engage in genuine human relationships and to get in touch with the lifestyle of the land that hosts them. Accommodation in Bed and Breakfast allows anyone to experience the unique experience of sharing the lifestyle of the place and the people living there. Opening a B & B means being able to benefit from a more "family entrance" and to open up to the outside world with the desire to share experiences by transmitting love for their own territory.

    in italy works in the following way, then every state has its own law on tourism.

    The first thing to do to open a B & B is to consult the specific REGIONAL LEGAL LAW (see list at the bottom of the page). The Regional Laws are based on the Main Law: Law 29 March 2001, no. 135 - "Reform of National Tourism Law", published in the Official Gazette no. 92 of 20 April 2001.

    Next, you need to access the Internet or go to the SUAP branch of the relevant municipality to retrieve the required forms for the Initial Activity Declaration. The SCIA (Certified Startup Activity Reporting) is the new procedure that replaces the DIA (Activity Beginning Report). The advantage offered by this new tool is that with the presentation of SCIA the opening of the accommodation is immediate.

    However, working in tourism opens your mind, allows you to know different cultures and foreign languages, but you have to point out that it is a real profession. The manager of a b & b must necessarily have tourist skills and good reception, must know the needs of the guests,
    and must know how to sell it personally and above all online on the web.

    Launching a b & b is a very challenging start-up, both in time and money, it is necessary to set up a business plan, to clearly understand the company's goal, and also to control costs and revenues ...

    Even the b & bs pay the taxes, and you have to be assisted by a freelance accountant,
    it is often necessary to modify your inps position and open a game even if it is not mandatory.

    Contact us we are ready to help you in this new adventure! ....